Toussaint Language Camp 2019 – Day 2

Day Two was an absolutely amazing day. The Beavers prepared hot porridge for breakfast and everyone enjoyed it.

Roger: What are you doing Leo? Leo: I am stirring the porridge.
The table is set and breakfast is ready!

Day Two brought back some of our happy furry friends – Spirit, Dream, Cinnamon, Cookie and Lollipop. The campers were delighted to interact with them once again. They revisited some of the vocabulary words they learned yesterday and proved that they retained quite a lot. They were able to identify the: Lead rope, curry comb, the dandy brush etc. They were also taught about the type of food that the ponies eat – grass, hay and straw.

Director Mrs. Ginny Caulkin leading the Pony workshop.
Types of food that the horses eat – Grain food, wheat and dried grass.
Look at the smile on Louis’s face while petting the pony.

Everyone got the opportunity to lead the ponies. This means they learned where to position themselves and where to place their hands as well as what to say – « Walk on Cookie! », « Cookie, stop! ».

Pacome holding the lead rope to lead the pony. He was really enjoying this activity.

After the workshop students were hungry so the Otters made a lovely meal for lunch. The three course meal was creatively prepared around the theme of Halloween.

Cucumber Snake and her eggs.
Mummy sausages made with Franfort hotdogs wrapped with pastry

Day 2 ended with a baking workshop. The 14 campers were divided into 3 groups and prepared witches fingers, chocolate cookies and chocolate cream.

Group 2 making chocolate cookies.

While it is only day two, campers are already exhibiting great progress. They’ve learned so much new vocabulary through the various activities and seem eager for what Day three will bring.