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Gillian Caulkin, B.Ed (Hons) Cantab, Présidente et fondatrice de Jack n’ Jill, enseignait en Angleterre dès son diplôme obtenu. Elle a suivi sa formation à l’Université de Cambridge en Angleterre. Elle enseignait dans une école primaire à Londres, dans un ZEP, avant de venir s’installer en France en 1990 où elle a fondé sa famille.

Depuis, elle a créé son propre programme d’apprentissage de la langue à travers des méthodes innovantes, d’abord à Paris pendant dix ans, puis en Seine-et-Marne. Apprendre la langue anglaise par des activités ludiques est sa devise : des chants, du théâtre, des danses, des jeux et même de la cuisine composent le programme !

Ginny est musicienne, elle est pianiste, et sa passion est de monter des spectacles musicaux, des « musicals » avec des enfants en anglais. Cette passion s’est traduite par plusieurs spectacles montés avec des élèves en milieu scolaire.

Maureen Pico est d’origine écossaise. Après avoir terminé ses études littéraires à l’université d’Aberdeen en Ecosse, elle est venue en France pour enseigner l’anglais à l’université de Pau. Elle a donné des cours d’anglais en formation continue pendant plusieurs années à Pau et à Paris avant de s’intéresser aux cours d’anglais pour les plus jeunes. Elle a travaillé auprès des enfants en école primaire et maternelle en créant ses propres méthodes basées sur le jeu, les activités interactives, artistiques et ludiques. Elle a aussi travaillé en milieu scolaire avec des collégiens et lycéens. Aujourd’hui, elle met toute cette expérience au service des associations qui ont une approche plus globale de l’apprentissage des langues. Maureen a obtenu son CAPES en Anglais à l’écrit et à l’oral en juin 2010.

Maureen, passionnée par le chant et membre de l’ensemble lyrique du conservatoire Couperin, profite de ses talents musicaux pour aider l’Association dans l’organisation de ses spectacles.

Anna Layton graduated from John Moores University in Liverpool, UK, with a BA Hons in Media & Cultural Studies and pursued her love of teaching with her passion for yogo by creating a programme for yoga workshops and events.

She moved to Paris just over 10 years ago, and has been teaching English to children and adults ever since. She has worked with all different age groups, from one-on-one tuition to working with large groups, and she simply loves teaching. 

She decided to undertake a Montessori distance learning course for Early Years in 2013 to deepen her knowledge and skills of this age group, and will finish this in 2015.

In 2014 she travelled to various locations in Italy to teach in English Camps for children from 6 to 16 years old, and will be returning this year to do the same.

Anna has a beautiful singing voice and puts this to good use in her teaching, especially on the Language Camps that she participated in for the first time this Easter.

Mae MacKenzie completed her studies in English, French and Art History at American University in Washington D.C.

She moved to Paris in 1988 where she began teaching English at the Institut Agronomique and EDF while pursuing her interest in painting. Mae’s home classes for 6 to 10 year-olds began in 2003.

In her classes, children learn to speak English while baking, putting on skits, painting, singing songs and generally enjoying themselves.

Mae currently teaches with Jack n’ Jill at the Ecole Fidelis in Montreuil, as well as in several companies in Paris. Whether the students are 5 or 55, the pleasure of learning remains at the center of Mae MacKenzie’s teaching philosophy.

Mae loves teaching at Jack n’ Jill Language Camps where the fun environment suits her teaching philosophy.

Jo Anne Kulick is originally from New Jersey, USA, but has lived and travelled in many different countries.

In 2014, after 30 years of teaching experience, she realized a lifelong dream and moved to France. She loves the French « l’art de vivre » and plans to live in Paris for many years.

In addition to teaching English, Jo Anne is a professional harpist and pianist. She enjoys teaching music to students of all ages, including adults, and is currently developing a program to teach English through music and singing. She also gives private instruction in harp and piano.

Tom Phillips is a Londoner. He completed his Engineering Degree in Computer Assisted Design at Derby University and this remains his passion. He specialised in the graphic arts side after his move to France in 2004.

Tom is currently completing a TEFL course to add to his teaching skills and already wide experience in teaching English as a foreign language.

Les talents artistiques de Tom l’ont amené à se lancer dans la fabrication et la commercialisation de colliers pour chiens uniques sur mesure, dont trois sont très fièrement portés par ses chiens.


Originally from Kent in the UK, Kylie Sudds started her career as a professional dancer, working with different companies touring and performing both nationally and internationally, as well as teaching dance workshops to a range of ages and abilities including special needs and elderly groups.

On moving to France, Kylie continued her performing career with Disneyland Paris and was part of the international team of interactive artists and puppeteers in a new show created for the opening of the new Disney Studios. She was also invited to be one of Disneyʼs Dance Coaches, teaching creative workshops to young people from 5 through to 25 years old.

Kylie is delighted to be part of the team at Jack n’ Jill and is very happy to be able to share her love for the English language with her passion for all things creative in the creative approach to teaching English that is at the heart of the Jack n’ Jill teaching philosophy.

Kylie teaches at Jack n’ Jill English Schools in Montreuil (93) and Chelles (77) on Wednesdays and teaches in Jack n’ Jill’s Language Camps when she can.

Jenny Huysentruyt teaches English at the lycée at Coulommiers and is much appreciated by her students for her humourous approach to teaching.

She has put this to good use in Jack n’ Jill’s Language Camps where she particularly enjoys the global approach to teaching English that is at the heart of the Jack n’ Jill philosophy.

Jenny enseigne la conversation en anglais à mi-temps dans le lycée de Rozay-en-Brie, et est très appréciée par ses élèves pour son approche humoristique.

Elle en a fait profiter les stagiaires des camps linguistiques de Jack n’ Jill en rejoignant l’équipe des professeurs, notamment au baseball anglais « Rounders » qu’elle adore !

In the UK Joy Braddock worked teaching the visually handicapped for the county of Reading Social Services, before moving to France in 1990 with her English husband. Once in France, she trained and presently, as well as teaching, works as a qualified psychotherapist, working with French and English speakers.

Joy Braddock has been teaching English for thirteen years.

Although born in London, Joy grew up in Wales from where her love of singing originates! She continues to take singing lessons, along with being part of a local choir. Consequently Joy loves to use singing in language learning, it being a great tool for practicing pronounciation.

Joy est anglaise mais a grandi au Pays de Galles d’où vient sa passion pour le chant ! Elle est venu en France avec son mari qui est aussi anglais et enseigne depuis treize ans aux adultes et aux enfants.


Karl read French and German at Reading University where he had four fabulous years, which saw him spend six months at the Sorbonne (IV) and a further 6 months at the University of Düsseldorf, as part of the European Erasmus programme.

Having fallen in love with Paris on his year abroad, Karl decided to return there after graduation for a further year, where he took a job as a project manager at an international company.

Karl decided to embark upon a PGCE at the University of Cambridge, and finally qualified as a teacher in June 2015.

He is a reflective practitioner who loves working in the education sector, and intends to return to Cambridge in 2016 to undertake an MEd. This will involve an extended research project dealing with the dictionary skills of modern language learners.

In his spare time, he enjoys rowing, travelling, cycling, and playing tennis.

After completing her BSC (Hons) in Environmental Science and Geography, Amanda Renaud obtained her PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) from Leeds University, UK. She also has a TEFL certificate.

She then went on to teach primary school children in the UK and Cairo, Egypt.  After arriving in France 20 years ago,  Amanda taught at The International school of Paris at secondary level for 8 years (both English and Geography) where she was Head of the Social Sciences department.

She has recently been teaching English for the Academie de Creteil.  A firm believer in life-long learning, Amanda is currently undergoing a course in child psychology with the CNED. She is an enthusiastic and committed teacher with a real love of people, places and (when time permits) running!

Arianne Sallaberry is from Reno, Nevada in the US. She began teaching English as a second language when she was 19 when she moved to China to study traditional Chinese medicine. She studied Chinese from 2004 to 2006 and then medicine at Beijing Chinese Medicine University from 2007 to 2012. During those 8 years she taught English to Chinese children and adults. She has taught in kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, universities, hospitals and summer camps.

In 2012, she came to Paris to continue to teach English and practice Chinese medicine. She loves to play games and have fun with children.

Arianne Sallaberry est une américaine de Reno, Nevada. Elle a commencé à enseigner l’anglais à l’âge de 19 ans quand elle a déménagé en Chine pour étudier la médecine traditionnelle chinoise. Elle y a appris le chinois entre 2004 et 2006 puis elle a fait ses études de médecine à l’université de médecine traditionnelle chinoise de Pékin entre 2007 et 2012. Pendant ces 8 ans d’études, elle a enseigné l’anglais à des enfants chinois. Elle a donné des cours dans des crèches, écoles primaires, collèges, lycées, universités, hôpitaux et colonies de vacances. En 2012, elle est venue à Paris pour continuer à enseigner l’anglais et pratiquer la médecine chinoise. Sa devise : jouer et rire avec les enfants.

Julia Colston is English. After more than 30 years in industry, and with a M.Sc in Maths and Applied Statistiques from London University, Julia has decided to put her extensive experience to use in teaching.

She worked with primary school children using her own methods based on art activities and games. She has also worked extensively with secondary school pupils. Julia obtained her TOEFL at the Institut Supérier in Paris.

Julia is very sporty and does zumba, cycling and gym regularly. She has a passion for restoring old furniture too!

Julia Colston-Ravineau est anglaise.  Après plus de 30 ans en industrie et avec une M.Sc en Mathématiques et Statistiques Appliquées de l’University de Londres, Julia a décidé de faire profiter cette expérience à des élèves français en se tournant vers l’enseignement d’anglais.

Elle a travaillé auprès des enfants en école primaire en créant ses propres méthodes basées sur le jeu, les activités interactives, artistiques et ludiques. Elle a aussi travaillé en milieu scolaire avec des collégiens et lycéens. Aujourd’hui, elle met toute cette expérience au service des associations qui ont une approche plus globale de l’apprentissage des langues, enfants et adultes.  Entre 2009 et 2011 Julia a obtenu ses TOEFL avec l’Institut Supérieur (ISTELI) à Paris.

Julia est très sportive et pratique la zumba, le vélo et la gym régulièrement. Elle est aussi passionnée par la restauration de meubles anciens !


Samantha Joeck is a New Yorker and has been teaching English to adults and children since 2008, when she first studied abroad in Paris. After completing her degree in anthropology in New York, she moved to Colombia where she taught English both professionally and as a volunteer in women’s and children’s centers. She moved to Paris in 2013 to do a Master’s degree in Sociology, and continued to teaching children in individual and small group classes. Samantha loves teaching, and always makes sure that her students enjoy their classes as much as she does by incorporating games, songs, and other diverse activities into her lessons. She is very excited to join the Jack n’ Jill team this year. In her spare time Samantha enjoys cycling, yoga, practicing aerial silk and playing piano.

Samantha est New Yorkaise et enseigne l’anglais aux adultes et aux enfants depuis 2008, quand elle a étudié à Paris pendant un an. Après d’avoir terminé sa Licence en anthropologie à New York, elle a déménagé en Colombie, où elle enseignait l’anglais professionnellement et en tant que bénévole au sein des associations pour les femmes et les enfants. Elle a déménagé à Paris en 2013 pour commencer un Master en sociologie et continue à enseigner l’anglais aux enfants dans les cours individuels et en petits groupes. Samantha adore enseigner, et elle assure toujours que ses élèves profitent des cours autant qu’elle par l’incorporation des jeux, des chansons et d’autres activités diverses dans les leçons.

En dehors de sa vie professionnelle, Samantha fait du vélo et du yoga régulièrement, elle pratique le tissu aérien et elle joue du piano.

Having recently relocated to France from Berkeley, California, Eric Blakely brings his lifelong passion of language and music to the Jack and Jill program.

Before relocating to France, Eric was working with children from 3 to 7 years of age using music to facilitate language, play and social skills. He recently completed two course programs with a specific focus on early childhood development to augment his teaching experience.
He believes that by using a fun curriculum, music, humor, and play, children will learn quite naturally.

Eric is also a performing singer and songwriter with several CD’s released of his own compositions.

Récemment relocalisé de Berkeley, Californie, Eric Blakely apporte sa passion perpétuelle de la langue et de la musique au programme de Jack n’ Jill. 
Avant son arrivée, Eric travaillait avec des enfants de 3 à 7 ans en utilisant la musique afin de faciliter l’apprentissage du jeu, de la langue et des compétences sociales.
Afin de parfaire son expérience d’enseignement, il a récemment achevé aux États-Unis deux programmes de cours spécialisés dans le développement de la petite enfance.
Il croit qu’utiliser un programme d’études amusant, alliant la musique, l’humour et le jeu, permet aux enfants d’apprendre de façon tout à fait naturelle.

Eric est aussi un auteur-compositeur et un chanteur accompli. Il compte, notamment, plusieurs CD de ses propres compositions à son actif.

Josepha Gonsu Magoum grew up in the Netherlands and moved to Paris five years ago.

Josepha loves kids. She started off her teaching experience in 2012 with teenagers and, since then, has acquired much experience teaching different age groups and levels, both through private one-on-one lessons and in-class settings. She recently started working for Jack n’ Jill, where she enjoys using the company’s holistic and interactive approach to learning English with her first grade level class.
Her hobbies include reading, swimming and cooking.

D’origine Camerounaise et donc parfaitement bilingue, Josepha Gonsu Magoum a grandi aux Pays-Bas. Elle s’est installée en France il y a 5 ans.
Josepha aime beaucoup les enfants. En effet, elle a commencé à enseigner l’anglais à des collégiens en 2012. Depuis, elle a acquis une grande expérience en enseignant à de nombreux jeunes, tant au travers de cours particuliers qu’au travers de cours dispensés au collège et au lycée. C’est tout récemment qu’elle a commencé à travailler pour Jack n’ Jill en tant qu’enseignante du niveau CP, et elle apprécie particulièrement les méthodes ludiques et interactives employées pour l’apprentissage de l’anglais.
Ses passe-temps consistent à lire, nager et cuisiner.

Rob Pitkethly has Scottish origins and is a music specialist. He worked organising music exams around the world for the prestigious British examining group, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. 

After working subsequently in the charity sector, Rob studied in London to obtain the Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA).

He moved to Paris to commence teaching English as a foreign language. Away from teaching, Rob is a keen runner, having run many marathons and helped organise a popular London running club.

Rob est spécialiste dans la musique et a travaillé longtemps pour le groupe prestigieux d’examens de musique, The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, dans l’organisation d’examens musicaux dans le monde entier. Après avoir travaillé ensuite plusieurs années dans le secteur caritatif, il a étudié et obtenu le CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages) à Londres et s’est installé à Paris pour commencer à enseigner. En dehors de l’enseignement, Rob est un coureur émérite. Il a couru plusieurs marathons et a aidé à animer un grand club de running à Londres. 

Lori England is a Canadian (English-speaking) who moved to Paris in 1979 after having lived in Austria, Egypt, Turkey and Poland. 
She completed her high school studies at the American School in Paris and went on to English studies in Paris XII University where she did a master’s degree. After teaching adults in different language schools she decided to prepare the CAPES in order to spread her love of the English language among young children. She has been teaching in high schools and middle schools for the past 20 years, with several happy years of initiation to the English language in primary schools.

Interested in many artistic activities: dancing, crafts and singing and theater, she participated in several plays and musicals and still sings in a choir today. She loves integrating these different interests into her teaching, making it fun for the children as well as for herself!

Lori England est canadienne (Anglophone) qui est arrivée à Paris en 1979 après avoir vécu en Autriche, en Egypte, en Turquie et en Pologne.
Elle a obtenu son diplôme de fin d’études à « The American School in Paris » pour ensuite, poursuivre des études supérieures d’anglais à l’Université Paris XII  où elle a eu son Master II .
Après avoir enseigné plusieurs années dans des écoles de langues pour adultes elle a décidé de s’orienter vers la jeunesse et a préparé son CAPES. Elle fait profiter à ses élèves son amour de la langue anglaise depuis plus de 20 ans, au lycée d’abord, puis au collège depuis 15 ans avec plusieurs années agréables où elle a pu initier des élèves de primaire à l’anglais à travers jeux et chants.

Intéressée par divers activités artistiques (la danse, le chant et le théâtre), elle a joué dans plusieurs pièces de théâtre et comédies musicales et chante toujours dans une chorale. Elle intégre ces activités à son enseignement afin de le rendre agréable et ludique pour ses élèves et pour elle-même !

Eric Lynch is English.

Originally from an engineering background, Eric ventured into business, sales, and particularly sales training in the mid 80’s. He has worked a on a number of projects and has trained sales teams in the U.K, Africa, Cyprus and Spain.

As a teacher at Jack n’ Jill, Eric hopes to impart some of his skills and knowledge to students at all levels seeking to learn business or everyday English.

In his spare time Eric has a wide spectrum of interests. He is particularly interested in following innovation, science and design. When his knees hold up, he can often be seen in a gym or on a track. He also plays a ‘mean’ game of chess!

Issu d’une formation d’ingénieur, Éric s’est tourné vers le commerce, la vente et en particulier la formation commerciale dans les années 80. Il a travaillé sur de nombreux projets et notamment formé des équipes de vente en Grande-Bretagne, en Afrique, en Espagne et à Chypre. Actuellement professeur chez Jack ‘n Jill, Éric espère transmettre ses compétences et connaissances aux étudiants de tous niveaux qui cherchent à apprendre l’anglais des affaires ou de tous les jours.

Lors de ses temps libres, Éric a de nombreux centres d’intérêts. Il aime suivre l’innovation, les sciences et le design. Lorsque ses genoux le soutiennent, on peut le retrouver dans un centre sportif ou sur une piste de course. Il anime également un club d’échecs.

Patricia MBURU comes from an East African Anglophone country, Kenya. Her passion for languages led her to polish her French at the Alliance Française de Nairobi, then to learn Spanish at The Language Centre, Nairobi. She also speaks Kiswahili and Kikuyu.

Patricia has been living in France for seven years now and has been teaching English since her move here. In the course of her stay, she obtained her undergraduate degree in Languages, Literature and Foreign Civilisation (English Course) at the University of Paris Diderot and then did her Masters degree in Languages, Literature and Foreign Civilisation and Translation.

She teaches English at Collège Sainte Thérèse in Maisons-Alfort and she is very pleased to join the Jack n’ Jill team this year. In her leisure time, she loves baking, singing, travelling and doing yoga.

Patricia MBURU est originaire d’un pays de l’Afrique de l’Est anglophone, le Kenya. Sa passion pour les langues lui a permit d’approfondir sa connaissance du français en étudiant à l’Alliance Française de Nairobi, et d’apprendre l’espagnol au Centre de Langues de Nairobi. Elle parle également le Kiswahili et le Kikuyu.

Cela fait sept ans que Patricia vit en France et qu’elle y enseigne l’anglais. Pendant cette période, elle a obtenu une licence en Langues, Littératures et Civilisations Etrangères (parcours anglais) à l’Université Paris Diderot, ainsi qu’un master en Langues, Littérature et Civilisations Etrangères et Traduction. Elle enseigne l’anglais au Collège Sainte Thérèse à Maisons-Alfort et elle est très heureuse de rejoindre l’équipe de Jack n’ Jill cette année. Pendant son temps libre, elle aime faire des gâteaux, chanter, voyager et faire du yoga.



Lisa Williamson is Irish, from the Republic of Ireland (Eire) and did her studies in Dublin.

She is a talented swimmer and represented Ireland at the 1990 Junior Olympics.

She has taught English as a foreign language for several years, specialising in teaching crew and staff for the aeronautical industry, and also works as a professional photographer.

Mirella Sobolewski is Australian and has spent many years abroad working in primary schools in SE Asia and Europe as a class teacher also doing ESL part-time both with adults and children.  She has also worked with special needs children that have been integrated in mainstream education plus in Asia produced an English TV programme for children with ages ranging from 5 to 8yrs, using comical mimes to show how important body language is when communicating.  Loving travelling decided to hit the road again coming to France 10 years ago.  In Paris she works in one of the bilingual school’s English programme plus as a Language and Communication Consultant at a business language school for adults.  Apart from volunteering work in the international community she also produces a children’s radio programme on the English digital radio in France.

Mirella est Australienne, et enseigne depuis longtemps, était qualifiée Bachelor of Education par l’état. Elle a enseigné 20 ans comme maîtresse de classe tout en enseignant à mi-temps l’anglais comme langue étrangère. Elle a produit une émission en anglais  pour la télévision australienne. Elle habite Paris depuis 10 ans et enseigne dans une école bilingue à Paris tout en travaillant comme consultant pour une école de Business English pour adultes. Elle travaille de façon bénévole dans la communauté anglophone et aide à produire une émission pour la radio anglaise en France.

Tania Sharma is Indian, born and brought up in New Delhi. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology and has closely worked with children with special needs (dyslexia, ADHD, etc.). Her love for children made her pursue another 2 years advanced diploma in Early Childhood Care and Child Psychology following her degree in psychology.

She has an experience of teaching students in India, Spain and France of all age groups. She is at ease adapting to all the levels as she has a good experience teaching different age groups.

She is very active and loves to dance. A licensed zumba instructor, she also teaches zumba in Paris currently, also teaching at Middle School Saint-Therese, Maisons-Alfort and Ecole Saint-Laurent in Paris 10th. She also has a MSc in International Business Management from INSEEC, France.

Roberta Di Cristo completed her studies in Languages and European Culture at the University of Modena (Italy).

She taught English in Italy for a couple of years and then she moved to Paris. Here she got the CELTA certificate, which enables her to teach English to adults.
Roberta has experience teaching both young learners and adults and her creative and playful way of teaching is appreciated by students.

She teaches at Jack n’ Jill in Chelles (77) on Wednesdays and she will teach at the Jack n’ Jill intensive Language training course for Lycéens during the holidays in Lagny.

Hashmir Duke has lived in Canada, the USA, and the UK where she has studied and worked. She has an ESL teaching degree, and a translation degree along with several years of experience teaching children from early years to teens, and adults. She recently moved to Paris, and works as an English teacher at several private schools. Hashmir is very enthusiastic. She loves teaching and planning classes where children can do arts and crafts, sing, play lots of fun games, and enjoy learning English. She is very excited to join the Jack n’ Jill team this year. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, cooking, and doing yoga.

Renata Rubio is an accomplished EFL teacher with ten years of experience in teaching learners of different ages and levels around the world. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a teaching degree. Having her professional development always in mind, she has taken the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). Teaching children and teens has grown on her over the years, leading her to take specialized courses such as the TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) from Anaheim University. Renata loves travelling and is passionate about literature. She has co-founded a book club with some friends, and even after moving overseas, she has never missed a meeting!


Originally from Manchester, UK, Damion Oakes has a degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Printmaking. He was also manager of a book shop for 12 years before moving to Paris 2 years ago. 

Since moving to France, he continues to draw and paint, while teaching English students of all ages and levels. Now in his third year at Jack n’ Jill, Damion especially enjoys seeing children grow in confidence and express themselves.

He is glad of the opportunity to combine teaching with creative workshops and believes it is a fantastic environment to learn a language.

Sam Elwell is from Manchester in the United Kingdom.
She has a degree in engineering and has lived in France for 15 years.
She has worked in 4 different schools in 4 different countries because she believes educating the young is the best thing we can do as well as teaching them to talk to one another.

Lisa Morgan is British and has been living in France for over 30 years. 
After working in a variety of fields (Marketing, Sales, PR), she took time off to raise her 4 children.  She remained active, participating in voluntary work, charity work and fundraising (Les Virades de l’Espoir). 
On returning to work, Lisa set up her own business as a translator and interpreter before adding a TEFL qualification to her belt.  For the past three years, she has been teaching English to business professionals in the Marne la Vallée area.  Recently, she joined the Jack n’ Jill team and has been enjoying teaching younger students in addition to the adults/business professionals.
Lisa loves the English language (is a demon scrabble player) and is a firm believer that we can have fun and learn at the same time.  When not teaching, Lisa’s favourite pastime is playing golf.  Rain or sunshine, you’ll find her on one of the region’s golf courses.


Susanna Gendall is a New Zealander and has been living in Paris for the last fifteen years. She has completed a Maîtrise in English literature as well as a Master’s in creative writing. She has taught both children and teenagers and enjoys taking a creative approach to language learning, showing her students that learning can be fun. 

Susanna Gendall est de Nouvelle-Zélande et habite à Paris depuis 2005. Elle a une maîtrise en littérature anglophone ainsi qu’un master en écriture créative. Elle enseigne anglais aux enfants et aux adolescents. Elle aime bien utiliser des méthodes ludiques et créatives pour aider des enfants à apprendre une langue, en leur montrant que l’apprentissage peut être un plaisir.



Abi Tariq was born in Pakistan but left when he was sixteen years old. Since then he has lived and traveled all over the world until he decided to settle in France seven years ago.

He holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Practice from Plymouth University UK, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from École Parsons À Paris (now Paris College of Art).

He is an aspiring cultural entrepreneur, conceptual performance maker, sound artist and teacher. Abi comes from a family of educators and has worked for Jack n Jill for over a year at different capacities. He is constantly innovating ways to integrate performance art methodologies into the processes of language acquisition for young learners as well as adults.




Currently pursuing postgraduate studies at University of Paris, Nanterre, Josephine is a qualified teacher with more than 10 years experience teaching English to young learners abroad. She has worked as a teacher of English in France since 2017. She likes to work with young learners, to have fun and to help them achieve their goals.