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Gillian Caulkin, B.Ed (Hons) Cantab, Présidente et fondatrice de Jack n’ Jill, enseignait en Angleterre dès son diplôme obtenu. Elle a suivi sa formation à l’Université de Cambridge en Angleterre. Elle enseignait dans une école primaire à Londres, dans un ZEP, avant de venir s’installer en France en 1990 où elle a fondé sa famille.

Depuis, elle a créé son propre programme d’apprentissage de la langue à travers des méthodes innovantes, d’abord à Paris pendant dix ans, puis en Seine-et-Marne. Apprendre la langue anglaise par des activités ludiques est sa devise : des chants, du théâtre, des danses, des jeux et même de la cuisine composent le programme !

Ginny est musicienne, elle est pianiste, et sa passion est de monter des spectacles musicaux, des « musicals » avec des enfants en anglais. Cette passion s’est traduite par plusieurs spectacles montés avec des élèves en milieu scolaire.


Tom Phillips is a Londoner. He completed his Engineering Degree in Computer Assisted Design at Derby University and this remains his passion. He specialised in the graphic arts side after his move to France in 2004.

Tom is currently completing a TEFL course to add to his teaching skills and already wide experience in teaching English as a foreign language.

Les talents artistiques de Tom l’ont amené à se lancer dans la fabrication et la commercialisation de colliers pour chiens uniques sur mesure, dont trois sont très fièrement portés par ses chiens.



Lisa Morgan is British and has been living in France for over 30 years. 
After working in a variety of fields (Marketing, Sales, PR), she took time off to raise her 4 children.  She remained active, participating in voluntary work, charity work and fundraising (Les Virades de l’Espoir). 
On returning to work, Lisa set up her own business as a translator and interpreter before adding a TEFL qualification to her belt.  For the past three years, she has been teaching English to business professionals in the Marne la Vallée area.  Recently, she joined the Jack n’ Jill team and has been enjoying teaching younger students in addition to the adults/business professionals.
Lisa loves the English language (is a demon scrabble player) and is a firm believer that we can have fun and learn at the same time.  When not teaching, Lisa’s favourite pastime is playing golf.  Rain or sunshine, you’ll find her on one of the region’s golf courses.


Julia Colston is English. After more than 30 years in industry, and with a M.Sc in Maths and Applied Statistiques from London University, Julia has decided to put her extensive experience to use in teaching.

She worked with primary school children using her own methods based on art activities and games. She has also worked extensively with secondary school pupils. Julia obtained her TOEFL at the Institut Supérieur in Paris.

Julia is very sporty and does zumba, cycling and gym regularly. She has a passion for restoring old furniture too!


An Irish native, Lisa moved to France 20 years ago after having completed an Honours Degree in Applied Languages (French, Spanish and Italian) in Dublin.

Lisa is a former National and International swimmer and comes from a family of swimmers. She represented Ireland in the 1980 Junior Olympics.

Having worked in Sales for over 14 years in Paris, she then went on to become an English Trainer for people wishing to pursue a career in the Airport Industry which she loved, before joining Jack n’ Jill.



Tiffany Smith est américaine avec deux jeunes enfants.

Elle enseigne à l’Ecole Internationale Eurecole à Paris à plein temps dans la section du primaire et trouve en plus le temps d’enseigner pour Jack n’ Jill les mercredis.

Elle adore le kite-surf et en pratique dès que possible.



Isabelle Bayayi was born in Chester in the United Kingdom and read English literature at the University of Sheffield.

During her time at University she was involved in lots of extra-curricular activities, including co-ordinating fundraising events for the women’s charity, Irise international. She is a very socially conscious individual and believes that an emotional education is equally important as academia.

Since graduating she has worked all over the world helping people with their English: from doctors and businessmen/women in Russia, to pre-schoolers in Spain. She has a CELTA qualification in addition to her degree in English, and is passionate about the CLIL approach to language acquisition.


Jaminny Freire was born in Brazil but has been speaking English all her life.

She’s been living in France since 2017. She’s 27 years old and started teaching English when when she was 18 having added a CELTA diploma to her degree and masters.

She loves reading and practicing sports and has a very joyous outlook on life.



Georgia Mota is in the process of writing her PhD and is a pillar of the staff at Jack n’ Jill in Chelles. She is British. Georgia’s students sat the YLE Cambridge Starters exam this school year and did resoundingly well.

Georgia is a qualified ballet teacher and brings her fun and energy to good use in her lessons.


Originally from Manchester, UK, Damion Oakes has a degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Printmaking. He was also manager of a book shop for 12 years before moving to Paris 2 years ago. 

Since moving to France, he continues to draw and paint, while teaching English students of all ages and levels. Now in his third year at Jack n’ Jill, Damion especially enjoys seeing children grow in confidence and express themselves.

He is glad of the opportunity to combine teaching with creative workshops and believes it is a fantastic environment to learn a language.

Sam Elwell is from Manchester in the United Kingdom.
She has a degree in engineering and has lived in France for 15 years.
She has worked in 4 different schools in 4 different countries because she believes educating the young is the best thing we can do as well as teaching them to talk to one another.

Susanna Gendall is a New Zealander and has been living in Paris for the last fifteen years. She has completed a Maîtrise in English literature as well as a Master’s in creative writing.
She has taught both children and teenagers and enjoys taking a creative approach to language learning, showing her students that learning can be fun. 

Susanna Gendall est de Nouvelle-Zélande et habite à Paris depuis 2005. Elle a une maîtrise en littérature anglophone ainsi qu’un master en écriture créative. Elle enseigne anglais aux enfants et aux adolescents. Elle aime bien utiliser des méthodes ludiques et créatives pour aider des enfants à apprendre une langue, en leur montrant que l’apprentissage peut être un plaisir.



Abi Tariq was born in Pakistan but left when he was sixteen years old to follow his studies in Switzerland. Since then he has lived and traveled all over the world until he decided to settle in France seven years ago.

He holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Practice from Plymouth University UK, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from École Parsons À Paris (now Paris College of Art).

He is an aspiring cultural entrepreneur, conceptual performance maker, sound artist and teacher. Abi comes from a family of educators and has worked for Jack n Jill for over a year at different capacities.

He is constantly innovating ways to integrate performance art methodologies into the processes of language acquisition for young learners as well as adults.


Thuto Ngidi is from South Africa and has worked on many language camps as counsellor and manager as well as working at the College Gasnier Guy in Jack n’ Jill’s Wednesday afternoon programme.


Ang Sheldrake is American. He’s a very experienced teacher, having taught English for over nine years and is passionate about language and interaction with others. He was raised in a bicycle shop in Denver, Colorado. Having been so close to cycling , it was only natural that he began racing and enjoyed a good amount of success in his youth, racing the professional men’s circuit at the tender age of 15, winning four US junior national championships, and later racing for the US national team and several outfits in Italy.

Ang has been teaching ESL in Italy, Poland, and China for almost a decade. He is a very social and adaptable person, which allows him to create a special relationship with students. He loves teaching because it’s a dynamic process that continually proves interesting. He’s quite eclectic as a person and is active in creative pursuits including music, writing, and visual art. He loves languages and can speak a bit of Nepali, Chinese, Indonesian, Polish, French, and is fluent in Italian.


Roya SHADMAND is British. She’s a very experienced teacher.









Roya SHADMAND is British. She’s a very experienced teacher.



Holly grew up on the South coast of England and spent her a lot her time out in the countryside, horse riding and swimming in the sea.

She went to drama school in London and later went on to specialise in movement and devised theatre and L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris . She has toured the UK and Europe extensively as a performer and musical director and is an experienced workshop facilitator.

She qualified as an English teacher in 2020 and draws on her background in performance to make learning English fun and creative.