Toussaint Language Camp 2019 – Day 3

Today was English day and that means eggs, bacon, sausages and baked beans. What a treat, we should have more days like this.

Pierre is loving the process, he’s definitely excited about the final product. Who doesn’t love a full breakfast?? The correct answer is no one.
Zoe and Lina buttering our toast to serve with our English breakfast, look at how that butter is melting. We are all ready for it to melt into our mouths, I’ll have four please.

Another picture? We would like to start eating please, the food in front of us looks delicious.

Trotting into day 3 with our favorite camp friends; Spirit, Lollipop, Dream Cinnamon and Cookie. The campers were so excited to be with them again. today they got to paint heir hooves and showcase what they remembered from the lesson on how to groom a Pony

I think the color black looks perfect on Spirits’s hooves.

Kira is digging out the dirt in the hooves before she gives Cookies her top tier spa treatment. What color do you think she chose for the hooves.
Red, what a bold color. It goes perfectly with Cinnamon’s brown tail, we may have a fashionista on our hands.
Blue for the winter blues this nail polish looks fantastic.
Leo wanted his pony to match him of course so blue for the win.

It is time to refuel our tummy tanks…yes I said it, it’s time for lunch and we would never stray from our fun theme of ‘everything Halloween.

Look out, it’s a skeleton head wrapped in ham. For our starter we enjoyed this halloween themed delight.
The happy campers then prepared a pumpkin crumble for their main course.

At the end of a long day the instructors treated the happy campers to a scrumptious dinner, they definitely enjoyed being served.