Stage de Printemps 2022 Jeanne d’Arc Day 2

It’s, day two and students spent the first session of the morning writing about what they did yesterday in their logbooks. This was a great way to get students to practice using the past tense to describe their day. They spent time designing the cover page of their logbooks with the camp theme: All things Easter. This means they identified elements of Easter such as bunnies, Easter eggs, chocolate, flowers etc. Here is Charles of Group 2 with a beautifully designed cover page of his logbook.
Romane of group 1.
Miss Danae is teaching the primary school students.
« Simon says bat »! In order to review the verbs learnt yesterday, students played a game of Simon Says.
Immediately after the break, students went to gym to play 15 minutes of dodgeball. A popular American sport. The objective is to hit your opponent out. This game is among their favorites. They have a lot of fun while learning key vocabulary such as to hit, to run, to eliminate etc.
Today students spent time perfecting the line dance while repeating the steps.
Before playing Happy Families students had to study the cards ie. learn the professions – artist, musician, baker, chef, hairdresser etc, learn the family: brother, sister, daughter, husband, wife etc and learn their titles: Mr. Mrs. Master, Miss. They did a short game of charades to begin. Each team had 30 seconds to guess as many professions that their team member was miming.
« He is a musician! »
We then played Happy Families and students used questions such as  » Do you have…? » « Have you got… » or  » Can I have … » Here is Maxime and Sarah strategizing how they will win.
Charles are you cheating?
Students learned a little bit more about Rounders today as they drew the Rounders Map. They learned about all the components to the game: the batters, fielders, bases and the direction of the batter around the field.
Drawing the Rounders Map in the logbook.
After students got an understanding of the game we went outside to practice for the match. Here is Charles running around the bases.
Group 1 started making their Easter hat today. They learned the steps and reviewed all the materials necessary to make the hat – glue, paper, scissors etc, Step 1 glue the papers together, step 2 cut the circle into 8 equal parts etc.