Stage de Printemps 2022 Jeanne d’Arc Day 1

Today we opened our doors to the students of Jeanne d’Arc to participate in a week long English immersive experience with our 2nd Edition Jack n’ Jill language camp. The students presented themselves, reviewed all the challenges for the week and got straight into the first activity on the agenda – skipping. This activity not only exercised their legs, but also exercised their brains as students repeatedly counted in English and learned new vocabulary associated with said activity.
Group 1 – skipping to attain their first skipping scores. The learning objective is for students to count and learn new verbs, nous and adjectives such as: to jump, to skip, fast, slow, feet, legs etc.
Following the break, the students started learning the Jerusalem line dance a dynamic way for them to learn directional words and phrases: to switch, to tap, to dance, go back, turn around, left over right etc
Group 2 led by Ms. Danae are learning there on choreography, which also requires them to learn directional words and phrases.
Students did their first session of Rounders skill practice, to develop their ability to throw, catch and bat the ball.
Hugo of group 1 batting the ball.
This camp, our theme is « All things easter ». Therefore, for the art activity students will be making Easter hats. Today they did drew an example of what they would like their hat to look like.
The day has ended with the Otters leading by a whopping 40 points.