Stage de Printemps 2022 Jeanne d’Arc Day 3

Day three is already upon us and the students are making such great progress. As always the students started the morning revisiting everything they did the previous day and writing it down in their logbooks.
Little Ella a student at the CP level completing her logbook.
Students also practiced their skipping. They learned new tricks and ways of skipping and most importantly used the words and phrases they’ve been learning over the course of the week.
Students are still preparing for their Final Rounders match on Friday. Learning how to bat, throw and catch are essential to the game and what better way to learn the game by communicating in English.
Before every dance session, Students warm up their bodies. Today we thought it fun to playing a little game of musical hula hoops to get their blood flowing.
Otters, celebrating their win.
Students playing their first round of Monopoly an activity rich with useful English words and phrases. « It’s my turn », « I would like to buy this property », How much is it ». Additionally, they must count moves and money, read and understand the cards in English and communicate their strategies with their teammates.
Maxime using his magic double hand shake to get the best possible results with the dice.
Students reviewed the song « I’ll be there ». We highlighted all the key vocabulary and learned the definition of each. Both teams then had 2 minutes to classify the words in the song into nouns, verbs or adjectives according to its context within the song. to
The Otters trying to write as many words as possible.
Group 2 started decorating their Easter hats today and are doing such a great job. The hats are looking beautiful. They learn about the materials needed to make the hat – pencil, rule, pipe cleaners, compass, glue, scissors etc as well as the procedure to making it.
Group 2 however, just started the base of their hats. They will start decorating them tomorrow.