Oxford in Chelles 8ème Ed – Fév 2020 (Day 2)

Otters vs. Beavers
The game is on.

The teams are so close!! After just one day these are the results from the whole camp!

The teams are ‘neck to neck’

Jump, skip, turn, sit, cross, hop…all together now!

Jeyhuna with Group 3: a mix of 5ème and 6ème.

« Where is Trafalgar Square? What is it near? »

« Your love is my love and my love is your love,

it would take an eternity to break us…

And the chains of Amistad couldn’t break us. »

Jaquiline has Group 9: the eldest campers who are Lycéens.

« The Minister’s Cat » game. Find adjectives through the alphabet : « The Minister’s Cat is…. ambitious…. The Minister’s cat is boring….

The High School Prom (Cinderella) Script written and ready for rehearsal!

« Who is in charge of bringing the crowns? »

Explosive love-boxes very close to being complete.

« The batter must run outside the bases. »

Simple Past and Future tenses through Rounders Skills Practice:
« I am going to thow the ball to… « 
« … Alice caught the ball // Emir didn’t catch the ball… »

« Three whistles mean you run to what base? »

Renata has Group 2: a class of 6ème.

London BINGO!
« How many did you get? I’m missing three! « 

« Wait wait wait! »
Heated competetiton between the Otters and Beavers while playing London Memory

Connecting words with our daily logbook entry:
 » Today we … Then we… After that we….And finally… « 

Logbook covers only getting lovelier!

See you tomorrow campers!
Be ready for Rounders mini matches!