Oxford in Chelles 8ème Ed – Fév 2020 (Day 3)

Love is in the air, although it’s still freezing outside!

Valentine’s Cards looking gorgeous!

Kristofer has group 4: a class of 5ème

Simon says « TAXI! »

Simon says « BIG BEN! »

Simon says « Buckingham Palace »

Morning memory challenge

« As the years they pass us by…
We stay young through each other’s eyes… »

And Thuto’s got group 5: yet another class of 5ème

Final touches on love boxes.

Otters in the lead – but not by much!

« You’re out! »

Rounders Mini Matches and revising the rules.

Bridget has Group 6: also a group of 5ème

« How many tricks have you got up your sleeve? »

Choreographies coming to life.

Group 9 having a ‘read-through’ of the script they’ve written.

As always, our daily logbook entry at the end of the day to help practice the simple past tense: learnt, practiced, continued, chose, called, played, won and skipped.

Hey campers, don’t forget to prepare for our Valentine’s Day Tea Party on Friday!