Oxford in Chelles 8ème Ed – Fév 2020 (Day 1)

Welcome to the 8th Edition of Oxford in Chelles:
Jack n’ Jill ‘s Valentine’s Camp!

Our excited instructors have prepared a fun week full of love.

‘Right off the bat’ we’ve begun some Rounders Rules and Skills practice…

…some collective jump-rope action working towards the skipping choreographies…

… and lots of crafts to make our Love Boxes and Valentine’s Day Cards.

Verbs learned: to cut, to fold, to measure, to mark…

The teams have been decided: Are you an Otter or a Beaver?

Singing to enhance vocabulary, rhythm and team spirit! ; )

Card games London Memory and London Snap to work your mind and your reflexes while learning the history of London…

…And to get your pronunciation ‘on point’!

Decorations of the logbooks are underway and some of the covers already look fabulous!

Glossary being made for the back of the logbook.

Stay safe and stay dry.
We look forward to welcoming you tomorrow.
The games have just begun!

And don’t forget ‘English is Key…’ : )