Camp today is another day at Camp. Sun was shining, kids were playing, a birthday was celebrated, and English was being learned. Here are some of the day’s highlights!

The birthday girl, Anouk!
Today, we started off by doing Cha Cha Slide with the entire camp. Then, we had a birthday celebration, and recited ‘Happy Birthday’ in English to the birthday student. They even ate a cake! Happy birthday to Anouk!

Swing, batter batter, swing! Otters vs. Beavers playing Rounders, a game similar to baseball. There are four bases and teams trying to win a Rounder by hitting the ball and getting around all four bases. Rules and instructions in English help improve their skills, a cultural introduction to a popular British game. Here are some eager Rounder players from Group 1.

Getting ready to swing in Group 8!
The teachers here get in on the fun, too! Here is Fredsal, from the United States, bowling a pitch.
Action shot! Group 11 playing some Rounders!
Camp director, Mrs. Caulkin, showing some students how to do the Cha Cha for our dance!
During break time the students get to enjoy some ping-pong with friends. Everyone gets included, and it’s great fun!
Nasim, a Beaver from Group 4, having fun here at camp! He’s in his blue T-shirt so when they play team games, its easy to identify who the teams are. Simple !
Skipping rope is a fun activity that we have been doing at camp. They learn verbs like ‘jump’ and vocabulary such as ‘skipping rope’ and practice counting in English! She seems to be pretty good at it!
Two best friends, playing ping pong! Students get lots of times to engage with their peers and play games outside. By getting time outside during the daytime, students are able to focus better in the classroom.
Some very attentive students we have here in Group 2! Oona,  from Ireland, is busy doing a quizz on Rounders vocabulary. There’s no formal lessons here – just fun, fun fun in English!
A photo of Group 8 students are practicing their English writing skills in their log books. They get to customize them, decorate them, and make them their own. Everyday, they write their diary about what they did. Some groups are getting advanced in their English, and are writing in the past simple and even the future tense!
Looks like we’ve got some true artists here,  Ayline and Charles-Ely with their beautiful rough drawings ready to do their Graffit T-shirt project! The students choose themes related to camp and therefore discussed what would be appropriate, such as the flags of English-speaking countries – so what are the English-speaking countries in the world?  and symbols of these countries are being used for the Graffiti T-Shirt project. This is an opportunity to discover the iconic images from all these countries, and monuments or familiar sites too (London Bridge, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty, the rose, the bald Eagle…).
Roger explaining to Group 10 how to play Rounders.

The final score of the day was 2,145 for the Beavers and 2,086 for the Otters! It’s very close!

As you can see, the trophy is wearing the colors of the team who won at last camp –

blue for the Beavers.

I wonder who will win this time?

Thanks for playing and learning with us again today. See you again tomorrow!