Welcome to Day 2! Activities today include acting, skipping rope, playing Rounders, filling out log books and writing in English, coloring t-shirts, board games, card games, coloring t-shirts, dancing to music, topped off with some great fun in the sun!  

This week, students have a professional actress from Australia, Emma, ​​who has come to learn in English. These kids seem to be getting the hang of it!
Acting and reading a script in English! I wonder what could be happening here. How fun that their teacher is a professional actress all the way from Australia.
High school students are learning to take on different people – here, can you pretend to be old?
Swing, batter batter, swing! Otters vs. Beavers playing Rounders, a game similar to baseball. There are four bases and teams trying to hit a Rounder by hitting the ball and getting around all four bases. Rules and instructions in English help improve their skills, a cultural introduction to a popular British game.


Ping pong with friends at break-time in the warm February weather! Otters vs. Beavers!
Group 11 playing Rounders!
Learning how to dance to the Cha Cha Slide! This dance involves following choreography in English, learning directional words such as ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘back’, ‘hop’, and more!
Log books are worked on everyday at camp. The students write in English about everything they have done during the day. It is great language practice! Reading, writing, singing, listening to music, playing and speaking in English are essential ways to be fully immersed into a language.
Doing the rough drawings for Graffiti T-Shirts. Learning about English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom.
Friendship and sunshine, two great parts of Oxford in Chelles!
Matthew, from Scotland, playing RISK with his group, Group 11. This game involves learning rules and geography in English, as well as some friendly competition! They sure look focused.
Playing RISK!
Playing Ticket to Ride in Fredsal’s Class, Group 8. Ticket to Ride is a game that involves a journey through North America or the United Kingdom, depending on which group you are in. Introduced is new vocabulary, such as American states, parts of the United Kingdom and trading in cards in exchange for putting down your train carriages to claim a journey.


Students discussing and studying grammar and language in Group 7 with Mbali.

There have been some great efforts on the rough drawings before doing it for real on the T-shirts.

The final score of Tuesday was Otters with 1,305 points and Beavers with 1,184 points!

Today was yet another wonderful day. Thanks for being so awesome, we will see you again tomorrow!