Oxford in Chelles 13th Edition – Toussaint Camp 2021 (Day 4)

OMG! We are already on Day 4 ! Students have been putting the final details on their art projects. They will be using these halloween tubs to go trick or treating tomorrow.
Group 7 and 8 Otters and Beavers went head to head in their first Rounders mini match. The Beavers destroyed the their opponents scoring nearly 10 rounders.
With Day 5 almost upon us, students are preparing their performance for the Halloween show.
Amine and Jibril learning the lyrics of their song.
« It’s call the spirit of victory »
Group 8 practicing the theme song.
During the lunchtime students like to spend time with teachers doing activities outside of the curriculum. Pictured above is Khaled and playing a game of chess.
Let’s get physical Zumba dance has become a signature routine at our Chelles camp. The students really enjoy doing it.
And Action! Students of Group 7 and 8 preparing their commercial for the Halloween show. They created their scripts, developed a product and now theyre finally filming to then start editing.

It is the end of Day 4 and students super excited to display what they have been learning all week long. As for the points, the Otters have overtaken the Beaver and now leading by almost 100 points. Who will win the trophy?