Oxford in Chelles 13th Edition – Toussaint Camp 2021 (Day 3)

It’s Day 3 and students are putting on the final touches of their logbooks. Every morning students spend an hour summarizing the previous day. The objective of the logbooks is to develop creativity, build vocabulary, conjugate verbs in the past tense, utilize transitional phrases and write in an orderly and cohesive manner.
Students are also putting on the final stages of their halloween tubs. They all put their first coat of paint on today.
Group 4 warming up for their rounders match. Learning how to throw and catch as well as work effectively as a team.
The fun never ends. During the lunch break students enjoyed playing musical chairs.
And the winner is…Nesrin!
« N – Warty toad »
Students enjoying a game of Bingo. An activity that renforces the halloween vocabulary from monday and Tuesday : flying witch, crazy monster swooping bat etc.
« What is this? A rattling skeleton »
Anita using effective questioning techniques to get her students saying the words for their bingo activity.
With Day 4 upon us the students are getting their last minute practice in for their performance on Friday.