Oxford in Chelles 13th Edition – Toussaint Camp 2021 (Day 5)

It’s Day 5! Teachers are dressed up in their halloween costumes and ready to have their final day with the students who were also instructed to wear their costumes.
The Bloody cheerleaders of group 6 and 7 – Emma and Charline.

Rounders Final Match

The students of group 7 and 8 faced off in their final Rounders Match. Once again the Beavers came out victorious scoring a total of 11 Rounders.

It’s Showtime!

Its Showtime! Led by our Masters of ceremony Prince and Younes our Halloween show started with a bang.
« English is key, to opportunities »
We started by singing the Jack n’ Jill anthem.
The presentation of the best halloween costumes.
Group one presented a thriller dance choreography.
Video of Group one’s performance
Group two presented a monster mash dance
Video of group two’s performance
Group three also presented a dance choreography.
Group Three’s performance
Group 4 presented a poem that they all wrote together.
Group four’s performance
It lives in you song performance
Group 5 performed their own rendition of « it ain’t me »
Group Five’s performance
Group six did a halloween skit
Group six’s performance
Group seven presented a commercial.
Here is the video of their commercial
Group 8 also presented their commercial.
Here is the video presentation of what they did.

Awards and Prizes

Best Logbooks in the entire camp received 200 points each for their respective teams.
Best Halloween tubs were also earned 200 points for their teams.
Congratulations to the OTTERS! The 2021 Jack n Jill Toussaint Camp winners!
The captains of the Otters!
Good job Beavers you also did an exceptional job!