Jeanne d’Arc 1st Edition Language Camp – Toussaint 2021 (Day 4)

Day 4 is upon us, students are adding the final touches to their art activities, Zumba dance and singing performances in preparation for tomorrows big show.

In group 2 we have Louis, Eva and Romane showing us their spider art which is made from crepe paper. Well done to everyone for doing such great job.
Irina in group 5 is writing today’s logbook so eloquently on the board writing it in « past tense « . This week the students have learnt to differentiate between the present, future and past tense.
Group 2 in the gymnasium looking so excited to play a game of kickball. Some of the words used in kickball are « to strike », »to kick », « home run » and ‘OUT »!
Swing low, sweet chariot… Group 4 is practicing the Gospel Round in preparation for tomorrow’s show on Saturday. They’ve added a bit of movement to emphasis on the vocabulary and help them remeber the words .