Jeanne d’Arc 1st Edition Language Camp – Toussaint 2021 (Day 5)

It is day 5 today, all the campers are excited and are looking really scary in their costumes.

Group 3 showing us their interesting Halloween costume and they also have their Halloween basket with them .
Group 4 feeling the spirit of Halloween upon them .


We have group 1 and 2 opening the show for us with their very own special song….”Cut the pumpkin “
Group 5 doing a fashion show for us displaying their creative t-shirts for us .
Group 5 with their graffiti t-shirts.
Quentin and Charles had the best graffiti t-shirts in their group .
Group 3 -5 singing the gospel round for us .The Gospel Round is a medley of four popular chorus in one song. »Swing low, sweet chariot « …
Chloé won the best costume in her group category .
Elisa Moluh won the best logbook in her group category .
Romane Roucoulès won the best pumpkin art in her group category .
Irina Rakotonanhary won best Halloween basket in her group category .
Yanis Curtil won best costume in his group category .
Louis Xu won again …this time for the best spider crêpe paper art .
The display table with the best two pumpkin art ,spider crêpe paper art and graffiti t-shirts .
Drum roll…all the points have been added in. Who will be the winner Beavers or Otters ?
The beavers have done such a great job this camp, they have been consistent with all the activities and challenges throughout the week. Winning with 3522 points.
After the show all the groups went trick or treating in their groups. Here is a picture of Group 3 filling their Halloween basket with treats .

Happy Holidays !

See you all again in February, from 28th February to 4th March!