Oxford in Chelles – 5ème Edition, Easter 2019 (Day 1)

The 2019 Easter Edition of Jack n’ Jill English Language Camp is officially underway led by a team of dedicated teachers from a diverse range of anglophone countries spanning across the world.

BACK ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Fredsal – Camp Manager, USA. Kerenza – Group 2, Ireland. Pippa – Group 1, England. Felix – Group 6 , Kenya. Mbali – Group 7,South Africa. Roger – Camp Manager, Bahamas . FRONT ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Elsa – Group 8, Lebanon. Erin – Group 9, England. Mrs. Ginny Caulkin – Director, England, Bridget – Group 4, USA. Alea – Group 5, South Africa.
Our team of energetic instructors have been working assiduously preparing for this week and are thus full of anticipation to embark on this 4-day experience.
Look at the beautiful smiles of eager learners descending into the campsite. They too are ready to profit from an enriching English immersion experience.
Mrs. Caulkin getting students amped up for learning.
Director – Mrs. Ginny Caulkin introducing each individual member of the staff to parents and students.
Group 7’s instructor Miss Mbali is ready with her list of students.

Every camp, students are given the opportunity to dig deep into their creative hub through an arts and craft activity to help them develop a new skill set while simultaneously building their vocabulary. This time, under the Easter theme, students have started making string baskets, sewing pillows as well as making flower vases.

Amir and Liah are absolutely enjoying phase one of creating their flower vases. They’ve learned new vocabulary words such as: rolling, cutting, pasting etc.
Rayan and Matt are all smiles while setting the structure of their pillows. They’ve learned new vocabulary words such as sewing, needle, thread, fabrics, pins, cut etc.

At Jack n’ Jill, one of our main objectives is for students to have fun while learning. Therefore, we have decided to implement stimulating activities such as board games to further aid in increasing students’ vocabulary.

Group 4’s instructor Ms. Bridget guiding students through a board game called « Life ». So far they’ve learned new words such as: payday, marriage, night school, graduation, career, retirement etc.

While academics is certainly important, physical activity plays a major role at Jack n’ Jill. Therefore, we have decided to integrate a skipping challenge into the curriculum which serves once again as an opportunity to develop vocabulary.

Otter’s team member Lyna skipping while Hemma is counting. Students learn new vocabulary words such as: jumping, skipping, counting etc.
Students’ mobile phones are taken at the beginning of the day and returned at the end of the day, but they’re as always engaged in stimulating outdoor activities, they don’t miss them!
During the lunch break students enjoy a game of basketball.
Oh wow! It was Yacine’s 15th birthday on the first day of camp and what a great surprise when he was given a birthday cake at break time and the whole camp sang Happy Birthday to him. Hip hip hooray!

Well, that pretty much concludes the end of the first day of Camp. With camp being divided equally into two teams, namely the Otters and Beavers, we are looking forward to see who wins the trophy this time.

Will it be the Beavers – the team that has won for the past two consecutive camps?
Or will it be the Otters –  who are currently leading in points today?

Voici les instructeurs:

Pippa, une anglaise,  est en charge du groupe 1, les 6ème.

Kerenza, une irlandaise, est en charge de Groupe 2, aussi les 6ème.

Bridget, une américaine.

Aléa, du Kenya

Felix, aussi du Kenya

Mali, de l’Afrique du Sud, comme plusieurs des instructeurs, une vétéran de nos stages linguistique.

Elsa était en charge du Groupe 7

Et Erin, une Australienne, en charge du groupe 9.

Roger, des Bahamas est un des deux Managers

Fredsal, une américaine, est l’autre. Une équipe de choc qui ont plusieurs stages Jack n’ Jill à leur actif.

Des animateurs tous anglophones venus des quatre coins du monde – quelle richesse pour nos jeunes stagiaires!