Wow, today was one crazy day! Today, we did some of our usual activities.

Many parents, grandparents, siblings, and caretakers came and watched their Otter Gold Beaver shine in multiple performances.

The costume show involved showing off costumes, drama performance, skipping rope choreography, singing songs such as Hey Ho, We Will Rock You, We are the Champions, and the awarding of the trophy (Congrats Beavers!).

Your international teachers all dressed up for the last day. We had so much fun with you today and every day this week.



What great outfits – Charlie Chaplin was complete with her cane and bowler hat!

Practicing the skipping choreography for the show this afternoon.


Time for the show! Mrs. Caulkin, dressed up as a medieval lady, addressing the audience.
Some incredible performances by Groups 10 and 11.
They have been working.
The scenes were divided amongst the students so that everyone had an equal time on stage. Kristelle playing a formidable Mrs Trunchbull.

The children very much enjoyed the show!

Cassandra as Matilda’s mother, only interested in appearances.

« Look! The chalk is moving by itself !! »
Mrs Trunchbull faints right out on the floor and has to be dragged out !
Some lyceens guiding the song ‘Hey Ho Nobody Home’
Awesome singers.
What a skipping performance that was! Good job to everyone who was brave enough to skip in front of the crowd today.
Yummy! Thanks to everyone who has brought something to share.
Let’s dig in!


Congratulations to both The Beavers and The Otters for their work this week. We were so happy to have you at Oxford in Chelles February 2019. And congratulations to the Beavers on winning again for the third time in a row !  

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