Oxford in Chelles 16th Edition – Eté 2022 – Day 3

Hello everyone,

Here we are on our third very hot day !

Our skippers practiced in the morning and were unstoppable, inventive and very brave. Group skipping is becoming easier and for the « Friday big show », we’ll surely see some incredible moves.

A student’s request for Rika & Noah’s mega game of Butcher’s Pie ! There was lots of accusations, speculations and suspicions and the leaders even took their shoes off to be extra quiet.

We had a few breaks today to cope with the heat and some chatted, other played table tennis or football, but all kept on smiling through the day!
When we play football, Otters and Beavers are just one big happy team!

We played games throughout the day and Deeqo introduced charades as Otters and Beavers kept on earning points.

The results are showing how competitive our two teams are. The art of suspense is being mastered and we can’t wait to see what Friday will bring.

Well done Otters and Beavers ! See you on Friday for the final decision.

The Jack n’ Jill team.