Oxford in Chelles 10ème Ed – Toussaint 2020 – Day 1

On the first day of camp all the teachers are really excited to meet their students, we have big smiles all around. Let us meet the teachers

For group one, we have Felix with a 6ème class. Felix is British.
For group 2 we have Georgia with a 6ème class. Georgia is British from London.
For group 3 we have Kristofer with a 5ème and 6ème class. Kristofer is British.
For group 4 we have Ellie with a 5ème class. Ellie is British.
For group 5 we have Chioma with a 5ème class. Chioma is Nigerian.
Stephanie has Gp 6 with 4éme and 5éme students and is British.
Group 7 is led by Roger and he is from the Bahamas.
Fredsal is American and leads Group 8, who are 3ème.
For group 9 we have Akinyi with the 2nde, 1ére and T class. Akinyi is Kenyan.

Now that we have met the teachers from such interesting and varied horizons, lets see all the exciting things that the first day had in store yaaay 🙂 🙂 🙂

Our theme for the week is Halloween and this logbook cover definitely sets the tone for the week. It is going to be a scaaaaarrrry one filled with learning and fun. We use our logbooks to write down everything we do during the week.
Always remember you have to stretch before you dance
Now that we have stretched it’s time for Zumba
The Beavers in group 3 are showing us how it is done.
Stephanie in group 6 is preparing the skipping routine with her class.
Skip, skip skipping away
The art activity for the week for groups 4-8, we are sewing a mask
So far so good
Focused on getting it right