Oxford in Chelles 10ème Ed – Toussaint 2020 – Day 2

We did not let the weather get to us, it was a day full of fun and learning.

Safety first, we sanitize while we say our good mornings and welcomes
A physical activity to wake up the brain cells and warm up the bodies
Lets get physical
The Otters definitely know how to skip their way into a good day
The Otters learning the dance, getting the bones going

While some groups were getting physical others were getting busy with their art activities

Learning how to sew and all the vocabulary associated with it
Ellie demonstrating how it is done to her students
Great sewing
It is coming along great, the finished product will be a show stopper
Just a bit of threading to get us through the day
Chioma showing her class the next steps
Group 9 is preparing for their big debate
A game of bucher’s pie, the village is asleep