JAE mercredi en immersion 22-23

28/06/2023 – Sports Day!


Class 1 and 3 : making Smores, an American tradition.
Class 1 and 3 : making Smores, an American tradition.


Class 1: Mother’s Day cards.
Class 2: Food nutrition Workshop with Nea


Class 1: making Mothers’ Day cards.
Class 3: Making Mothers’ Day cards.


Class 3: Art club dance off.
Class 3: Pyjama party – playing Dino.
Class 3: Pyjama party playing Twister!


Class 1: International Nurse Day – students made cards for their friends and family members who are Nurses.

Le spectacle présenté par les élèves aux parents le 12 avril

Le spectacle de fin d’année sur le thème de l’Irlande « The Secret of Kells »

Quelques élèves de la JAECl2 ont reçu des diplômes, bravo à eux!

JAECl3 reçoivent leurs diplomes


Easter theme for JACo class 1 & 2. Three interview questions. Students are interviewing one another in pairs in the background.


Class 1: enjoying their Easter eggs after the Easter Egg Hunt.
Class 3: Easter egg hunt around the room.
Class 3: enjoying their Easter eggs and discussing Easter.


Class 3: making props for the show.
Class 3: practising the script for the show in the theatre room.


Class 1 : Activities for St. Patrick’s Day.
Class 2 : Leprechaun hats for St. Patrick’s Day.


Classes 2 and 3: 100 Days of school I-Spy


Class 1: Have you got…? Role play.
Class 1: Making a wolf mask.
Class 2: Making Valentine’s letters to their parents.
Class 3: Breakfast in America!


Class 1: Pencil case inspection!
Class 1: I can play football!


Class 1: Role play activities based on the classbook. Can you…? Yes, I can / No, I can’t.
Class 1 : I can / I can’t jeu de Jacques a dit.
Class 3: Cup games. Pass the cup in rythm and say the chant.


Class 1: Vocab quiz from units 1-3.
Class 1: Matching words to pictures.
Class 1: Matching words to pictures, first House to finish is the winner!
Class 1: a good time to collaborate and go over the words together.
Class 3: making a fortune teller with winter and clothes vocabulary.


Class 3: Learning about Martin Luther King. Themes: Equality, Dreams, Peace, Making the world a better place.


Class 1: working on Christmas pictures!
Class 1: de beaux sapins !


Class 2: made Pudsey Bear masks as it was Children in Need week last week. They watched a video about the charity organisation Children in Need and what they do to help children.
Class 2: making Pudsey Bear masks
Class 3: les enfants travaillent sur les traditions de Thanksgiving.
Class 3: le repas de Thanksgiving.
Class 3: s’entraîne pour leur spectacle de noël et prépare les accessoires.


Class 3 : Creating props for our Christmas play!
Class 3 : Des panneaux créés par les élèves pour notre spectacle de noël.


Class 1 : having a great time with the Alphabet pads…. Guessing the family sound and finding the letters that go into the family.
Class 3 : préparation pour la pièce de théâtre de noël.
Class 3 : Les enfants apprennent les règles du Football Américain.
Class 2 : Les enfants créent des chauve-souris pour fêter Halloween!
Class 3 : Les enfants créent des sacs d’Halloween!
Class 3 : fun with leaves.
Class 2 : Des arbres faits avec des feuilles trouvées dans la cours.
Class 3 : An autumn scavenger hunt in the school grounds.
Class 3 : Des drapeaux d’Irlande – le thème de cette année.
World Peace Day – les enfants discutent de Rosa Parks.