Halloween Language Camp – Coulommiers Toussaint 2018

Its wonderful to see some faces come back again. Some for the third time!

Le projet artistique est un panier à bon bons en papier mâché. Il va falloir des couches, et pendant qu’on applique des couches, c’est l’opportunité pour chanter…. en anglais bien sur !

Layer after layer, with lots of glue !

A happy group starting their Halloween sweet tub
The children working in Sunset Cottage with no sun today
The children working on their papier mache project
Art project and Zoe has a great pumpkin

Ce jour, the Baking Workshop was Witch’s Fingers. Yum Yum,

Noah very proud of his Witch’s fingers

Laly and Zoe setting out their fingers
Witch’s fingers for Halloween !

After Baking Workshop, its time to make lunch and lunch is Devilled Spider’s Eggs for starters.

Laly with Devilled Spider Eggs for our starter for lunch
Pierre is pleased with his pumpkin face
Sara and her pumpkin has a face
Eloise shows her pumpkin with a big smile !
Zoe is putting her pumpkin to dry
Noah is happy too with his papier maché pumpkin sweet tub
Laly has a great pumpkin face !

Making dinner and having fun

Making pasta carbonara

Eloise is tasting the cheese to make sure its edible !

Then we go onto the Log Book, its nice to go to the classroom to write on the interactive whiteboard all together

I’m writing my Log Book

Bringing sweets to share out

On a candy treasure hunt in Sunset Cottage
Candy hunt

Once we’ve found our sweets, we put them on the table and share them out to put them into our sweetie tubs

Look! My tub can open with the lid!

Our sweeties are in the tub, we shared them out!

Playing Chinese Whispers :

And this is what Peter said to me

Listen ! Let me speak into your ear!

This is the message