Oxford in Chelles 9ème Edition – Eté 2020 – Day 1

Welcome to our 9th Edition of Oxford in Chelles Summer Camp .We are pleased to welcome back our Jack n’ Jill campers to our #KEEPFIT Camp Edition.

At Jack n’Jill our doors are open again,our mission is to provide a safe enviroment for our pupils while still having fun
We are delighted to see familiar faces again :]

Meet our Teachers for the Jack n’ Jill 2020 Summer Camp .Our teachers are always ready and lead by example.
Dont forget to wear your mask!
Remember to Social Distance.
Let’s keep fit !
Students share their confinment experinces with the classroom.
Youens enjoys an art activity !
At Jack n’ Jill we have students who share and teachers who care.
A little strech before we get into some Zumba .
Go Sarah …Sarah wins the skipping challenge.
Red is for The Otters
Blue is for the Beavers.
Which team will win this Camp ?The Beavers or Otters?
At Jack N’ JILL we have dynamic staff memebers who make sure they provide the best at all times.