Stage de Printemps 2022 Jeanne d’Arc Day 4

Students of group 2 are not quite finish with their hats but will certainly dont by tomorrow.
They really enjoy playing Monopoly. They are constantly repeating commonly used words and phrases such « I would like to buy », « pay me », « go to jail » etc. This is a great way for students to retain what they learn.
Group 1 preparing their dance choreography for the Grand show tomorrow.
One of our big projects for this camp is getting students to use the language to promote a product through a commercial. Pictured above is Group 2 writing their script for the commercial to market their own chocolate bar.
Here we have Axel filming the scene for the commercial.
Students of group 2 playing London Snap – a card game ideal for learning about the history of English culture. It is also rich with vocabulary . Students learn about the popular monuments such as the Big Ben and the Nelsons column in Trafalgar Square. They learn about the war that transpired between Horatio Nelson and Napoleon Bonaparte. They discover the hidden jewels found in the tower of London etc. Pictured above are the students of group 2 playing a game of London Snap. They all take turns piling cards in the middle while saying the names of each cards. When there are two cards that match the first student to touch the pile gets all the cards in the middle. The student with all the cards at the end wins.
Group 2 also played a game of Charades to review the vocabulary they learned earlier this week from the Happy Families.