Oxford in Chelles Toussaint 2019 (7th Edition) – Day 4

Day 4 is all about preparation for tomorrow’s Halloween Party!

Sewing on some final touches.

Most importantly enjoying ourselves.

Hashmir’s class has some very funky Halloween bags ready for trick or treating.

Mbali’s class rehearsing their play for our show tomorrow.

Renata’s class with their bags, ready for candy!

Beaver boys.

Otter boys.

Neck in neck… The competition is on.
We will know the winner tomorrow!

Some of our old students are the most determined: Cassandra did more than 60 skips on one foot.

Skipping race in Kat’s class.

Rounders diagram

Rounders matches today in the park: Beavers vs. Otters.

Underarm and between the shoulder and the knee.

Cloudy skies but the game must go on!

Looks like the Beavers scored a Rounder.

Mbali’s very talented class!

Some of the younger classes working on their skipping choreography.

Action shot: Otter in mid-air!

Thuto’s class will be introducing the show tomorrow!

Georgia’s lovely class.

Some creepy Halloween dolls in Pauline’s group.

And Sean’s class, with their dolls…

And last but not least, we had a birthday!

Happy Birthday Ali! : )

See you guys tomorrow for the big day!
Don’t forget to put on your scariest look!
Et surtout n’oubliez pas vos gobelets pour boire pendant le gouté
pour éviter gaspillage! : )