Oxford in Chelles Eté 2019 – 6ème Edition – DAY 3

Its a great day and the sun is shining again for today Wednesday, the third day of camp!

Here’s our instructors:

Ola and Saad joint manage Group 4

Fun at break time, everyone’s doing sport!

The stakes are high on the ping pong table

Not only can the students now hold themselves in a dance battle, but they can now teach the routine in English

One of the best skippers of her class, but she’s still 300 behind the leader. All we care about is how much they progress, not where they start!


The English metric system was no match for these two, their English is too good! Group 2 making Chocolat Chip Cookies in Baking Workshop


Teamwork makes the dream work.

Next, they’ll be cooking on British TV


Money can’t buy cookies this good! We are certain they’ll be cooking English recipes many more times to come.

The Beavers don’t stand a chance


The umpires, fielders and bowlers worked very well to try and defeat the kickers.

What a kick ! Home run!

Oops, strike one!

Practicing our skipping choreography

Jump in!

What will give first, her skipping or the kids counting into quadruple digits?

Learning skills needed for Kickball

Practicing the new moves they learnt!

Class 1 showing off their skipping routine that they’ll perform at the end of the week, with them writing out the steps in English. Which team is your favorite  to win?

Brownies made on Monday

Chocolate Chip Cookies made today Wednesday. The Flapjacks were eaten up too quickly for a photo!

The state of the points today is Beavers at 1867 vs Otters at 1903 ! Its very close !!