It’s Day 4 already we are wrapping up with the final stages of our camp. Children are working so hard to perfect their drama play and art activities.

Noah working on his art project.
Roger is one of our camp managers this is his 6th Camp in Chelles. Roger is an experienced teacher and great leader.
Elodie is also a camp manager who has been with us from the beginning.She is an energetic leader, always leading with an example and organising the camp with great creativity.
Mbali is also a camp veteran. She’s in charge of the blog and capturing beautiful moments on camp.
Felix is Group 1, leading the youngest children with such great enthusiasm and energy. This is Felix first camp with us.
Onna is instructing group 2,this is her third camp at Chelles.Oona is extremely good at communicating with her students
Ellie leads group 3, this is her first camp at Chelles.Ellie is optimistic and very fun with her group.
Kris is leading group 4 with great intensity to get his group to be sportive and active.
Noel is leading group 5, Noel’s first camp with us at Chelles.He leads his class with patience and creativity.
Daniela leads group 6, this is her first camp at Chelles. Daniela is super determined with her group.

Alex is leading group 7,this is her first camp at Jack n’Jill. Alex’s group is older, shes is friendly and open to her group.Encouraging a healthy learning environment.
Akinyi leads the eldest group(8),her first camp at Chelles.  Akinyi leads her class with passion and confidence.
Karl and Younes have a skipping rope challenge.

It’s time to take a break and drink some water.