Oxford in Chelles 8ème Ed – Fév 2020 (Day 4)

Love is in the air

Formulation of questions like: « Where is Paddington? »

Morning adjective list from the Minister’s Cat

Mbali has Group 8; a class of 3ème

Final personal skipping challenges and choreographies becoming serious business now

The campers are even skipping through break

Georgia’s got Group 1: the youngest lot; 6ème

A surprise heel-toe-polka dance.
« Hold hands, then:
heel- toe- heel- toe-
step step step step… »

« May I have your attention please, this is an announcement to remind you of the ‘Valentine’s Day Ball’ tomorrow »…

…dialogue from the Cinderella play rehearsal.

Ola has Group 7: a class of 4ème

Quiz: « What is a synonym for ‘next to’ ? »
Beaver’s finalising their answer!

A Spelling Bee Otters vs. Beavers.

Logbook entries for today: « Unfortunately we couldn’t play rounders… »

Tomorrow is our last day,
and we will have a tea party to celebrate this week with the theme of love.
Don’t forget to dress the part,
and to bring cups to drink from.