Oxford in Chelles 13th Edition – Toussaint Camp 2021 (Day 1)



Jack n’ Jill is back again with another camp dedicated to the students of Chelles. As we are approaching the 31st of October we thought it’ll be ideal to have a halloween themed camp.
The rain did not stop our shine. Over 75 students filled up the auditorium eager to meet their teachers and start learning.
Presentation of teachers.
« What is this? » « That’s flour. »
This camp, students are making paper maché halloween tubs. Before the fabrication of these tubs students learn the vocabulary associated with this activity such as the materials: flour, ballons, water, newpaper etc., as well as verbs such as to rip, to blow, to spread to stick etc.
Rayan and Ethan of group 3 pasting the newspâper on their ballons to create their tubs
« Catch the ball – Number 3 »
Elodie of group 2 sharpening her students skills in preparation for a game of rounders. They are not only improving their skills but also learning commonly used words and phrases such as, catch, throw, got it etc.
« Number one, Red ball »
Students developing their vocabulary with the equipments used to play rounders through the Salad game.
Skipping is a staple at our camps. Students challenge themselves to skip as many times as possible while counting in English.
Students end the day with a game of Monopoly. They learn words important for finance such as assets, properties, investment, hotels, houses as well as verbs such as to pay, to buy, to own etc.
The scores are in and it looks like the Otters are in the lead. Who will it be. Stay tuned for the next blog.

Meet the Teachers!

GROUP 2 Elodie – (6eme)
GROUP 3 – Chioma (5eme)
GROUP 4 – Elesha (5eme)
GROUP 5 – Thutp (5eme & 4eme)
GROUP 6 – Anita (4eme)
GROUP 7 – Khaled (4eme and 3eme)
GROUP 8 – Husam (3eme, 2eme et 1ere)
Roger – Assistant Manager
Mbali – Camp Manager