Halloween Camp 2020 – Coulommiers, Day 2

Rise and shine ! Join us on today’s journey into our fun learning activities that the campers adventure on .

Simo starts his day the with writing in his Logbook .All the campers have a Logbook which is an educational journal they use during the week. It is a great way for the campers to capture their memories in writing and express themselves through words.
The campers are working in their Logbook ,they are recording the activities done in the previous day. Therefore they are making sure to write everything in the past tense and not the present.
Today for lunch we had Salmon, brocoli and cheese sauce on top it was so delicious .
The Beavers and Otters play a game of Rounders. The aim of the game is to try to run  around all bases without being stumped out .
The Beavers won the game .
Thuto teaching the students our theme song JacknJill. It’s been proven that singing helps with learning to pronounce words. Thuto went through the different adjectives,verb,synonyms ,antonyms in the song .
The students singing the JacknJill anthem.

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