Coulommiers Summer Camp 2019 DAY 1


Today we welcomed 11 campers ages 9-15, for an amazing week filled with fun activites and games, all while learning and speaking English.

We have three animators: Roger from the Bahamas on his 6th camp, Fredsal from the United States on her 5th camp and Elodie from the United Kingdom on her 8th camp!

Shortly after the children arrived, they worked on their shopping list for their meals for the week. They learned about the three parts of a meal (starter, main course, dessert), while learning new vocabulary and writing a shopping list in English! It was quite an experience to say the least, but a good one at that! The children were filled with confusion and excitement all at the same time. 

Here we are at the shop, who know us well after 4 years of Jack n’ Jill bringing their campers down to do their shop for the week. 

Anouk and Eva have the Milk Product food category and are working together on their list.

Josephine and Mathis are on Dried Products.

We’re all helping Lena and Paul on vegetables and fruit because we are buying so much !! Pineapples ! Yum !

Dorian has meat and fish as his category. He’s a Beaver and so has a blue T-shirt.

We love shopping in English !

Here are our three instructors for the week, Roger, Elodie and Fredsal, staying close to the campers should they need help.

We love pizzas !

Packing away 5 shopping trolleys of food …. with Elodie

And Ginny is here to collect everyone at the till

And here we are with our shopping trollies overloaded ! We won’t go hungry this week!

Back at camp and we need to set out neatly our food so that we can find it in the week.

Adrien and Anouk are getting organized.

Its Beavers’ turn to make the meal and serve it. « Would you like some tomatoes? »

What a beautiful table and bathed in the afternoon sunshine – its true that the first day, it was practically 3pm before we ate! But wasn’t it delicious – hamburgers and chips. We can choose our own menus so we’re going to love food on camp!



Getting started on our Log Books with Roger in the schoolroom.

Writing down our verbs at lunchtime, one of the many chall


Overall, the children had a jam-packed day filled with many activities such as: cooking, swimming, singing, writing, and most importantly learning English through these creative outlets.