Coulommiers Summer Camp 2019 DAY 2

Rise and shine! Campers woke up with a sense of anticipation of what day 2 would bring. They met each other with warm greetings of « Good Morning! How are you? »; « I am fine and you »?

As today is American day, the Beavers settled into the kitchen to prepare fluffy homemade pancakes for breakfast. They served the American breakfast with a choice of nutella, maple syrup and peanut butter. They learned the names of each ingredient and utencil, as well as important verbs involved in preparing the meal.

Today we are celebrating all things American!
Galatee and Zacharie making a fresh batch of American pancakes.
These little guys really enjoyed flipping the pancakes and watching them turn golden brown.
Breakfast is ready!
What a beautiful table! The Beavers did a wonderful job. Enjoy your meal!
Eva is adding a bit of nutella to her pancakes. Yum yum!
The face of absolute satisfaction after biting into those delicious pancakes.

After lunch, the campers practiced their skipping. The objective if for each camper to skip as many times as they possibly can and by the end of the week attempt to beat their own score to earn points for their teams. Most importantly, students learn vocabulary words associated with skipping such as: jump, over, under, your turn etc.
Zach and Dorian are trying to skip as many times as possible.
Five campers skipping at one time and they did an amazing job!
Oh wow! Look at Paul! What an extraordinary effort !

For our evening snack the campers learnt how to prepare Oreo cheesecake – a popular American dessert. In addition, they learned new vocabulary words such as – cream cheese, oreo, vanilla extract, oreos, butter, sugar etc.
Students are learning a wealth of new verbs – crushing, mixing, stirring etc.
Lena is having a blast crushing the oreos with the Rolling pin.
Look at Cyprien! He is proudly showing off his oreo masterpiece

While group one were making the Oreo cheesecake. Group 2 were working on their sketches for their Nesting box.
Looking at examples of what their nesting boxes should look like.

One of the campers favorite activities is swimming. After lunch, they got the opportunity to do just that.

Eva is first down the slide !

Felix is our lifeguard for the week, and he’s taking his role very seriously, even guarding the pool when its closed.

He’s particularly happy with the seat and parasol Ginny set up for him. He feels it fits in nicely with the theme.

The food table looking very organized!

The campers are enlarging their vocabulary every day. Whilst at the table, they have verb challenges, to say what each other are doing, in order to learn the present continuous.

What a great day we’ve had. After swimming, it was time to for Group 1 to go off and start drawing their design for their nesting boxes whilst Group 2 decorated their Log Book covers.